How to Take Advantage of Interactive Marketing Right Now

nteractive content is highly effective because it connects users with a brand on multiple levels. Interactive marketing provides a creative and unique experience that is personalized to each user — this means it keeps their attention longer, it increases excitement and they’ll be more likely to seek it out.

One defining element of interactive marketing is that it gives users some control or influence over their experience, making this content more personal and memorable. Today, many brands are offering interactive-content marketing campaigns that seek to enhance customers’ experiences, boost their engagement, gain more followers and ultimately grow a brand’s customer base.

So how exactly do these tools work and how can brands take advantage of these strategies? Here are five interactive trends your brand should consider using, and some important tips to keep in mind as you plan your interactive marketing strategies for 2019.

Assessments, quizzes and calculators

Interactive assessments offer people ways to give feedback or get more information about your products or your company. Quizzes and polls are also a form of interactive assessment, and can be highly entertaining. People love filling out online quizzes and then sharing the results on social media.

They can be a great way to prompt people to visit your website or social media page. BuzzFeed is well known for their quizzes, and you can hardly scroll through social media without bumping into a few. Quizzes can also be used for more serious topics and can help people recognize the need for your service or product.

Calculators allow users to input information to create numeric answers. These tools are frequently used by companies and brands to help customers estimate and compare the cost of products or features and evaluate the benefits of these options.

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Interactive, gamified video

Videos don’t have to be a passive, one-way broadcast, but can be a truly interactive experience. The interactive video has been around for several years, but many users are still unfamiliar with this medium and brands are still figuring out the best ways to harness this trend. For users, gamification appeals to the reward-seeking mechanism built into our brains; thus, it can work well in organizing contests, giveaways or interactive video stories.

For an added bonus, try using a gamified, interactive video for a quiz. Combining an interactive video with a multiple-choice quiz can be a great way to capture attention because it turns passive viewers into active ones. Facebook’s announcement that it’s introducing new features to their video platform to make video content more interactive should encourage more marketers to consider how they can use this medium.

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